About Money Making Money

Quitting is not an option, where you start is not a reason, how or when you arrive is not the focus it’s about getting. Understanding the adversity to the road map figuring out how to turn negative into positive. Knowing the rules ain’t the same for everyone but adapting to lines outside the lines (blurred lines). Where the rules are rewritten, goals are always reset and high scores always change. Money Making Money only becomes a mentality to a foundation that is built on Sacrifice Ambition Success which is the cement to our understanding and figuring out which KEY will lead to your wealth and your desire 


Money Making Money is a rebellious mentality which is a hustler mindset the true meaning of entrepreneurship to even streetwear/hip hop when being told “No” and turning it to a “YES”. A mentality in which we don’t accept “NO” where we turn dreams into reality. We don’t understand “It Can’t Be Done”, the type of rebellious mentality where we dictate the outcome, we don’t blame what we create. Shid!!!! Our rebellious mentality created our dream, our goal, our generation’s wealth “Mr. Marijuana Man”. What’s yours “You too close”. Sacrifice Ambition Success: The KEYS To WEALTH


Where we don’t fear losing, as long as the fear of losing is not an object the only outcome can be and will be winning. Just got to respect it to see it.


Anyone that thinks outside the norm or defies the odds is rebellious or has a rebellious mentality, a mindset that’s the I can get it done mentality. Simpler phrase a Hustler, a go getter, a doer, being the engineer creating our own blueprint.